Hills Coaching College offers individual, one-on-one tuition in all subject areas and levels, from kindergarten through to university level.  
We offer Study Mentoring, which educates our students on effective independent study!
Proven Success: Almost 20 years experience teaching effective study habits

We have almost 20 years experience teaching our students how to excel in their exams and assessments.  


Our students can literally move from last place in their class to the top of their class by following our simple steps for success!

Top Universities' Entrance Exam Preparation

Our vast experience and knowleged of the HSC, Selective School and OC exams are invaluable in teaching our students how to EXCEL.


Students must start working with the right tutor at the right time to ensure they have the best chance of success at school, and of course, the best chance of securing a place at their chosen University in their chosen course.

Individual Lessons for Increased Flexibility

We can help our students by teaching them:


1. Subjects that are already being covered in class to extend on their knowledge of the subject area.


2. Subjects that are yet to be taught at school to push them ahead of their class.


3. Subjects that they have covered some time ago (even last year) so that they can better understand key concepts.

We cater for Students with Learning Difficulties & Disabilities

All of our students with Special Needs are provided with planned coursework and assessment, which is based on strict consultation with our Special Needs Coordinator, who has a Masters Degree in Education (Special Needs).

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