We teach Exam Techniques so that our students can excel

We teach our students HOW TO SIT FOR EXAMS.  


We help them to focus their studies on crucial areas of the course so that they can attempt questions that generate BIG GRADES rather than wasting time on concepts that are not routinely examined!

HSC Preparation


  • We can advise our students which subjects they should choose for their HSC to ensure maximum scaling of their ATARs.


  • We focus on solid note-taking for study and HEAPS of exam style questions for practise.

Selective School Scholarship and OC Exam Preparation


Selective School Scholarship and OC Exam Preparation


  • We do NOT waste any time.  We get right into past exam questions.


  • We teach our students which questions to spend their time on and how much time they should devote to each question in their exams.

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