HSC Preparation


We can advise our students which subjects they should choose for their HSC to ensure maximum scaling of their ATARs.


We focus on solid note-taking for study and HEAPS of exam style questions for practise.



Selective School Scholarship and OC Exam Preparation


We do NOT waste any time.  We get right into past exam questions.


We teach our students which questions to spend their time on and how much time they should devote to each question in their exams.  


That way our students have the best chance of scoring the best grades after the exam papers have been scaled!



“Thanks for going above and beyond for me this year!  You were more than a tutor - you became a friend”


Year 12

“Thanks Sarah!  Without your constant support I would never have attempted Extension 2 English, much less scored a grade above 90% in BAND 6!!  


You absolutely helped me to achieve my dream.  Thanks for all the late night readings of my drafts - without you I wouldn't have known where to start!”


Year 12

“You told me everything that I wanted to hear and you performed exactly as promised!  Aidan did so well in her HSC - the two years of tuition that she had with you were the best investment I could ever have made!!  Your ongoing feedback to me proved invaluable in helping me to help her.”


Aidan's Father

“Thanks so much for teaching Sandra to love English again.  I had almost given up hope that she would get through her HSC - and not only has she excelled she has so much more self-confidence now!”


Sandra's Mother

“Thanks Hills Coaching...  Living with anxiety is hard.  Doing the HSC with anxiety is even harder!!  


Thanks for knowing exactly what to say to calm me down so that I could actually do my exams - and for teaching me to do well in them.  


Uni was an impossible dream without your help.”


Year 12

Rebecca is great.  I'm so glad I worked with her to get into LAW at Sydney Uni.



Year 12

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Students with Special Needs come to us for:

1. Expertly Planned Learning - We work with qualified Special Needs Teachers to plan lessons to make improvements.



University students come to us for:

1. Course Material - We teach the course material covered at uni.

2. Pre-Requistes - We teach pre-requisite subjects so that our students can start their course confident of passing.

3. Assessments - We help with assessments too!

Individual Lessons for Increased Flexibility


All of our classes are individual, one-on-one.


We tailor our lessons to our student's requirements.


We can help our students by teaching them:


1. Subjects that are already being covered in class to extend on their knowledge of the subject area.


2. Subjects that are yet to be taught at school to push them ahead of their class.


3. Subjects that they have covered some time ago (even last year) so that they can better understand key concepts.

Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learning

We are very experienced in assisting students at all learning levels. While we can help those students who are struggling to pass at school, we are GREAT at helping those students at the top of their class who are wishing to excel further!

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